6g Pipe Welding Test – Tips for Root Pass


http://welding-tv.com/the-store/ Tips that might just help you pass a 6g pipe welding test. this video is about the root pass and tips for using the “lay wir…

25 Responses to “6g Pipe Welding Test – Tips for Root Pass”

  1. Michael Coggan says:

    Is your rod in the root opening or on top? Looks like your not in the joint.

  2. MajorFilmCorps says:

    Hello, Student welder here, just getting into a little bit of pipe now. When you say your using 120A for your root pass, are you %100 down on your pedal, using all 120A or are you closer to using 90A?

  3. nwilene y thankGOD says:

    i have a combination test of tig/SMAW to do, please i need more info on how to go about it,, thanks,

  4. PIPE KING says:

    what do u use for beveling? can u make a video on differant techniques, and tool u use. angled torch, plasma, grinding or do u have a pipe beveler?

  5. George Giamalakis says:

    how ampere ??

  6. ecko996 says:

    Where I test they make you run a good size tack holding your test pipe to your holding arm and then they come in and stamp your tack so they know it hasn’t been moved.

  7. allmuscle100 says:

    Yo Jody, are you using the CK Flex-Loc tig torch? I’ve noticed that I have a hard time dealing with the weight and size of the tig torches we use at school. The cords are always in my way. My hands aren’t really big. Any suggestions?

  8. weldingtipsandtricks says:

    in order to fully penetrate and leave a smooth weld on the inside. also, the pipe welding codes call for a gap.

  9. Eddie Parsons says:

    Why do you leave a gap between the two pipe ends? Why do you not “butt them together” to make the join? I’m not a welder (you guessed, right!) but I do simple repair and maintenance “farm” type welding and I find your videos really interesting and informative. Thanks if you have time to answer.

  10. Sera69FI says:

    Nice welding and table. I have a little metal workshop with basic machine tools, and your videos has educated me very much about Tig-welding. Even my weld is not as nice as yours and probably never will be, I start to feel confidence to my skills. I desided to build same style welding table you have, only little smaller, it looks very functional.

  11. 51diogenes says:

    I’m a rank beginner but I’ve found your videos immensely helpful, even the ones on techniques I’ll likely never use.Watching you videos I’m itching to get a real welder like the Everlast. Thanks ever so much for all the knowledge and effort you put into these videos.

  12. Crystal GeyserSpringwater says:

    yeah you have no idea lol. pretty easy tests but hey i got pretty damn tired too. long drive back to the house because i got lost and my knees hurt.

  13. Benjamin Coulter says:

    Jody, your amazing Bud!

  14. HaywireHaywood says:

    You make great videos for TIG guys, would love to see more DC Stick videos. :-)

  15. Skysurfer says:

    Nice job, sound advice. Excellent vid.

  16. weldingtipsandtricks says:

    3/32″ (2.4mm) 2% lanthanated

  17. Righandwelder1202 says:

    What tungsten size did u use on this?

  18. cua0 says:

    great job, I’d love to see more 6G tig stuff from you.

  19. weldingtipsandtricks says:

    seems to be a thing in Australia…
    “Certificate No. 8G – Gas Metal-Arc Welding (GMAW) of plate and pipe “

  20. weldingtipsandtricks says:

    yes, we do ship to Sweden

  21. Steven Fortier says:

    Hey Jody,
    Great videos, been a shop fabricator for over 30 year’s and am currently looking for work. I  keep running into add’s for 8g certified welder’s. could you explain what this test consist’s of. Thanx

  22. airlobb says:

    Can u ship to sweden ?

  23. hukle76 says:

    My welding teacher made everyone learn to weld with both hands said out in the field you my have to use the other hand. I am left handed and learned all my life doing right handed so no problem

  24. weldingtipsandtricks says:

    yes that is a leatherman tool. I keep it close all the time. snipping wire, cutting stuff, opening packages, and an occasional beer too.

  25. yamimm700 says:

    i love the length of the video Jody, you should keep them around this long