Harbor Freight “Chicago” 90 amp Flux wire welder review


Second time using the HF welder to build a weld table out of old bed frame angle “NOT A GOOD IDEA” bed frame angles are recycled iron alloy so they break easy after welding and dont weld very good but you can make them work. Welder worked very good except the cheap wire it came with but i am making it work. I will make another review after i buy some good wire! All in all i think it is a great welder for the money 9.00 check it out www.harborfreight.com/welding. LOOK FOR MORE HF reviews on my channel!!!

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  1. jjenson2006 says:

    You can’t use a potentiometer! Potentiometers are resistive and will burn right up. What you need is a Variac.

  2. moncorp1 says:

    As for their wire, it is because that wire comes over on a freight container. It’s at sea for a couple of weeks.

  3. moncorp1 says:

    That frame is cheap chinese pot metal.

  4. taurusguy95 says:

    would you recommend to do subframe connectors on a car? I’m new to welding and learning. Thanks in advance.

  5. strick89 says:

    thanks for the vid it helped alot….

  6. 053Herbie says:

    sorry but u suck at welding that would weld better if u trun it up

  7. 50caliberFistFK says:

    Go to Harbor Freight, buy a fucking tripod, mount your camera on it, point it at your work area, push the record button, and save us all the headache of motion sickness with you flinging the camera all over at the place filming the ground ;-) The way to use a video camera is to HOLD IT STILL. Want to change the view? Stop the camera, move the camera, start it again. At no point do you want to be moving the camera from side to side unless its on a thosand dollar dolly setup.

  8. NerdForMIT says:

    I and many others would love to buy a American welder but they are expensive and most people who aren’t welders by profession or use it on a day to day basis aren’t going to make that big of an investment. The only difference between the HF welder and say Lincoln is the amount of control and the duty cycle. The HF welder does fine, you can’t weld anything big but for little repairs around the house and garage it performs fine.

  9. Jessie valdivia says:

    i’m thinking of buying this welder, has it held up good and would you recommend it?
    also can you explain how to fit the other wire in there, like what is it you do with the rollers thanks

  10. UpcomingJedi says:

    Where do you think these American companies get their junk made? Its a lot cheaper to make it in China and Laos where they don’t have to pay all kinds of insurance and a $7 min wage per hour. All they do is slap a ‘made in America” sticker and …Wa-la! Its “American made” .

  11. charitysmylife says:

    .035 works so much better. i have the same welder and the thicker wire works better it pops alot less and welds are so much nicer and cleaner. slag reduces dramatically compared to the thin .030. lincoln wire only, dont buy the garbage wire it came with.

  12. divaladona says:

    china steel is junk dont buy it china welder junk check out my chanel thanks. buy american to hell with china

  13. chad9322 says:

    if the panels are aluminum no

  14. 070basemetal says:

    @MangoHombre I seriously doubt that potentiometer idea would work.

  15. 070basemetal says:

    @BENITO MENDOZA no offense but if you don’t know the answer to that, the last thing you should be welding is a trailer to travel on public roads.

  16. 070basemetal says:

    It is a $100 welder; it is pretty incredible to be able to put a tool like this into the pricerange of the common man. That said, it is nothing to start a serious business with. As for getting alot of spatter, it is flux core and not mig so that is to be expected. Flux core is basically a wirefeed version of stick welding. Want to lose the spatter you’ll need mig or tig. I was interested in a welder for a friend who is a hobbyist this looks perfect for him so thanks for the video.

  17. moofushu says:

    I use the Harbor Freight inverter DC stick welder (the white one.) It does a really good job with the 3/32 sticks from lowes or home depot E6013. What I love about it is you can really control the volts. You can weld thinner gauge metal as long as you spot weld and not try to run your beads on the thinner gauge stuff. I tend to always use 55 amp setting on 14 gauge steel. So far I’ve build a push cart and a steel fence about 8 feet tall and 30 or more feet long with it.

  18. quietmale00101 says:

    ive used mine to weld exhaust pipe just use a series of long tach welds

  19. BENITO MENDOZA says:

    i”m  looking for a welding machine to weld a trailer for hauling’ is 90 amps good enough? or do you recommend more amps or a welding machine that can weld thicker metal?

  20. Mrnathann says:

    How is the welder a year later?

  21. 2strokedetroit says:

    the welder worked fine for the little exhaust work I used it for

  22. disgustapated says:


  23. azkhan70 says:

    Hey did you ever figure out how to lower the voltage in order to weld thin sheet metal? Thanks for the video.

  24. Trevoc2 says:

    I got a headache and became dizzy from watching this video.