Tig Welding Aluminum Thick and Thin using an HTP Tig Welder


www.weldingtipsandtricks.com this weekly video is in response to a lot of questions about HTP tig welders. Are they good? What is the max thickness of aluminum that an HTP invertig 221 can handle? etc…etc… So in this video, I got hold of an HTP tig unit and did some welding on .080″ thick 3003 aluminum as well as some really thick 6061 bar stock. I used a helium/argon mix for the thick aluminum and it got me over the hump.

25 Responses to “Tig Welding Aluminum Thick and Thin using an HTP Tig Welder”

  1. Geh4h says:

    Videos on flux core with t-joints & butt joints done in all positions could be useful.

  2. thetrollypusher says:

    Hey Jody love the videos!, any chance of a Workshop tour video? how u store your tools and just kinda the general layout?. I would be really keen to see that
    like this comment so Jody can see!

  3. weldingtipsandtricks says:

    usaweld (dot) com or just search for “htp tig welder” on google and you will find it

  4. Juan José Molina says:

    very good job. what is the price your new machine. what link for purchase? thanks

  5. commodore88 says:

    I’ve had mine coming up on a year now. Great machine and I was pretty happy to find a CK R torch and massive ground clamp in the box. A low profile pedal is nice too.

    FYI, the units are italian made by Stel Itl and the insides were very nice when I popped mine open. I’ve found some interesting tid bits too by looking through their manuals like that VRD system. Holding down stick mode toggles it. My earlier manual missed it.

    Sweet work as always Jody :)

  6. etimon1d says:

    Thank you!

  7. CircleGOutdoors says:

    What tig welder a/c d/c would be a good starter machine

  8. raw037 says:

    Bought an HTP Invertig 201 it’s through HTP last year. Great machine and great service.

  9. thegenrl says:

    Haha you should cheer up Jody! My dad would always say “Life starts at 55″.

    Also, what is going on with that bike frame? Did that get finished?

  10. weldingtipsandtricks says:

    not really needed on mild steel or stainless. and helium has become very expensive

  11. videoclipits says:

    I looked at an HTP 205 before I went for the much cheaper diversion 165, The HtP is a nice machine and really liked the light weight torch and cable. The diversion has worked out good though plenty for what I need and nice and simple.

  12. racepak says:

    will the argon helium mix work/benefit when welding mild or stainless?


  13. lotoqe says:

    Hey Jody you should do a video on the D.O.T certification can’t find any videos on it and I want to see how it’s done because I will be taking it in a few months.

  14. weldingtipsandtricks says:

    If it was for a structural purpose, I would have preheated to about 200f and also beveled to get more strength, and made larger fillet welds. The print only called for a 1/8″ ( 3.2mm) fillet weld all the way around.

  15. weldingtipsandtricks says:

    its more like 1.3 amp/thou for aluminum for the first several seconds, but depending on the size of the part, once the parts heats up can change to way less than that. a foot pedal is the way to go for aluminum jobs.

  16. weldingtipsandtricks says:

    I like the torch & foot pedal better on the HTP. both units weld very good.

  17. Wyogoose says:

    So head to head how does it compare to the Everlast 250ex?

  18. TheRambler91 says:

    Way to represent, Jody! I learned on an HTP 201. A pretty good machine, I never had problems with it, and it always fired right up with consistent results.

  19. crowmed84 says:

    So thanks Jody!!! Also I have a couple of tig fingers. I used them on my pipe test. At that point I couldn’t walk the cup. They’re very useful in the field, because he ain’t lying, there are many times when cup walking is not possible. Anyway, I wanted to say with God, a positive attitude, others can find work in a skilled trade like I did. Keep em coming Jody! You do good work!

  20. k0ent says:

    Hey Jody; I have a question. I’m having a hard time laying a nice straight consistent bead when I’m doing butt joints / outside corner joint / edge joints. Do you have any tips on making a better looking weld that has nice consistent ripples in it? or is it simply a matter of getting lots and lots of practice?

    thanks for your time uploading your videos

  21. crowmed84 says:

    I have an HTP 221 myself with a water cooled and air cooled torch. Great machine. I have been watching Jody’s videos for a couple of years now. I used to work in the coal industry as a welder but I got laid off a year ago. I was blessed enough to have enough money saved at that time to buy this machine. With it and Jody’s videos I was able to pass a 6G tig test on 2″ carbon steel after just a few weeks of practice. I had never held a tig torch in my life.

  22. KC2DZB says:

    What do you think of using a copper rod to slip fit in the bolt tubes to keep the weld metal out?

  23. adrianstreet1973 says:

    Hi, If you’re on a budget at all you could do worse than an TIG Welder from R-TECH Welding. I’ve got one which I bought after teaching myself to weld and its been good.

  24. aaronolson1967 says:

    badass vid jody thanks!

  25. Gene Morgan says:

    Jodie if I was to go out now and buy a tig welder what one would u buy if you were only starting to learn tig